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July 15, 2014

I thank you for all the trouble taken to reach us and share your knowledge and experience. Your presence was a great encouragement to us. I am extremely joyful to know that there are people like you who are very susceptible to needs of the special children. It is nice to be in contact with you and share new information about these wonderful children. Again I reassure you that you are most welcome to our centre here. 

May God love you & bless you.


St. Peter Bachmann Foundation 

Chilaw Sri Lanka

Nicholas Nanayakkara



August 13, 2013

As a regular teacher, I was more empowered by the CLM training because 'giving reinforcement' strategy works a lot even with regular high school students in various settings.

Also, the in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of ABA in teaching made me more excited to teach children with disabilities. 

CLM is the perfect definition of a child-center approach of learning. It values the child's own phase of wanting to learn. Not just to learn for the sake of learning but enjoying it in the process. I remember my co-team's comment during the training,she said that CLM is like a recipe of learning, 'the mixtures are just right!'. 


I also appreciate the focus of what repertoire to enhance in a certain CLM lesson plan. It makes the task of a teacher in planning a lot easier. During the training we role-play some of the lessons. I enjoy the role-playing activity! 
I consider the CLM training as a huge add-on experience in my education as soon to be teacher of SpEd. 


Thank you for Ms. Maribel Castillo, who was driven by her passion to share the training with the teachers here in Philippines. I learn a lot! 

Amor Quiohilag

Pre-School Owner

July 19, 2014

May God love you & bless you.

 - Desiree 

Color My World and My Pace   

Sri Lanka                               

August 19, 2014

May God love you & bless you.


Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Mombasa, Kenya

- Sham Salim


I am eternally grateful to you as a mentor and colleague for paving the way to the world of ABA. 

- MVergara, PT

"MARIBEL is refreshingly realistic of her ambition to reach out to the community and everyone who works with special needs kids like me. I am sure there is always something fresh, moving and wise in Maribel's work.  Cheers! She's a woman for all who need her help and her work spring from a life lived deeply, honestly, simply and intelligently." 
Sis Esperanza Magsino
Infant Jesus Learning Center

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” - RBG

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